Random Thoughts – Volume 2

Here is another list of random thoughts which have consumed my time and made it impossible for me to learn to walk upside down inside a bowl of soup.

Stop killing your children

As the news plasters more child killers on TV, news websites and feeds, I find myself growing angrier each time. The killing of children needs to stop.

Jason Voorhees Versus…

This is a long article that reviews Jason Voorhees and compares those who would battle him. Get some popcorn, coffee and a sleeping bag. You’re in for a long read.

Dreaming of Amy Acker

The beautiful and talent actress Amy Acker made an appearance in my dream last night. The two of us were close friends, co-workers who clearly had a future together. Then, it happened.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Elizabeth Olsen stars as Martha, a mentally and emotionally broken young woman who is trying to fit into real life after escaping an abusive cult.

Random Thoughts – Volume 1

My thoughts on random things. In this case, Claire Danes, Matlock, tomatoes, Iggy Azalea, and my 5 month old son’s farts.