Stop killing your children

As the news plasters more child killers on TV, news websites and feeds, I find myself growing angrier each time. The killing of children needs to stop.

Facebook, You Spam Promoting Fuck

Facebook clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of spam. If they did, they wouldn’t have started injecting these sponsored messages into our feed.

Skinny Jeans

I’ll never understand why some think it looks good to wear pants for kids, much less why girls think guys look good in their sister’s jeans.

Beliebers are batshit crazy

Members of the Cult of Justin Bieber are out of their minds. They seem to think it’s normal to be this crazy, and defend it with more crazy.

No really, fuck PETA

Fuck PETA. Those lunatics are completely crazy. Jennifer Lawrence recently pissed them off, and now I suppose get to continue.